Saturday, June 5, 2010

GMP Consultation work

Doing GMP consultation work can be very demanding and risky. While it does gives me the satisfaction when job is done and completed, the problems in between really can get on your nerves.
I have one job in the East Coast where the facility is almost ready..... If you are running for one km, I can say that this is the last 50m. But the facility owner run out of cash to push the project to its end. So, how we complete what we intended to do...?
To add salt to the situation, payment on consultation job was not paid for the job done. So, how can we proceed to the next stage?
Consultation work is not charity work. We need resources to pay for our overhead and for travelling.
So, the project now stalls...... all because of money. Client suffers, and consultation get a damaged reputation for job not completed, although not the fault of the consultant...!

Lesson leart; be ensure that the facility owner is financial ready before starting a project on a GMP manufacturing facility.