Monday, August 2, 2010

ISPE - International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

If you are a GMP practitioner, you must join ISPE as a member. The benefits are numerous; amongst which are access to good training notes, info on training conducted all over the world, updates and even forums.
It is best that you visit the website to know more. Enrol as member if you are convinced.!

GMP Training at UNZA, Subang Jaya.

Unza manufacture only cosmetic products, but their commitment to train their staff on GMP matters are something we should salute.

Today, we conducted 2 sessions of training on 2 different groups of 23 line leaders and operators. Tomorrow, there will be another 2 sessions on different subject matters, on another 2 groups.

Unza started this GMP training few years back, starting with the high level managers, to executive, then supervisors, and now down to their line leaders and operators. It is easy for Unza as most of their personnel are long serving and stay with the company. Turnover of personnel is very minimal...!
Unza's consistent effort is much reflected in the satisfactory condition of their facility and level of GMP compliance.

How I wish all manufacturers of pharmaceutical products can follow the path done by Unza in ensuring compliance to GMP within their facility.