Friday, March 26, 2010

To Pilot Plant IIUM

Bravo! Finally we see some light to the end of the tunnel for this Pilot Plant. It is usual to have glitches here and there, but as long as the management understand and cooperates (in terms of financial assistance), I am sure all problems can be solved....

The waiting still prevails. We still have some minor loose ends with the utilities qualification. Few more equipments are pending qualification.
But we do have the human resources to get the plant busy.... So girls and boys, carry on with your routine operation run. Get familar with all the utilities operation and controls. Run the machines and be familiarize with the settings. Also finally..... clean, clean, and clean.....! Keep the plant sparkling clean and shine...!

Since GMP relys on documentation and records, do get all the SOPs ready for use on the shop floor. Whatever done, make sure it is recorded.

Let's make this pilot plant ready at any time for the pre-licensing audit.


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